A long tradition

JEDAVID Company was founded in 1964. Since its inception, the company has dealt with the processing of metals and manufactured products for the automotive sector. In the early 90s it was decided to change the production profile for bathroom furnishing products.
In the perspective of time, this breakthrough for the company made ​​an excellent choice and has set new directions. JEDAVID company from the beginning operated with consequent care about the high quality of its products. This consequence contributed to the recognition of the mark in the market and achieve successes.


Simplicity and minimalism are the foundation of the creation and operation of JEDAVID in creating products. Products from our offer are items designed not only to give the impression of visual aesthetic as well as functional. Our primary goal is to deliver products that fulfill the expectations and requirements of our customers.


Currently, we focus on the continuous development of the company, keeping in mind on the tradition and new trends - design and objectives that we set ourselves. 

Produced - factory - Polish product